Primus EtaSolo personal stove
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Based on the award winning Eta technology, the EtaSolo's high efficiency produces fast 2.1 Min (.5L) boiling times with lower fuel consumption. Fast and easy to set up thanks to its robust Quick-Click locking mechanism, the EtaSolo is lightweight, extremely compact, and stable in windy conditions. Includes .9L pot with removable wrap-around heat resistant cover and sure grip handle and hot brew drinking lid. Boil time: 2.1 min /0.5L. Weight: 13.8 oz. Output: 5120 BTU/H -1500W. Burn time: 59 min per 100g gas cartridge. Gas not included with unit; sold separately.

  • Item #: MST-PS-ETA
  • Manufacturer: OUTDOOR PRODUCTS
  • Condition: New

Primus EtaSolo personal stove

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