SportHill XC Thermal Pants
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SportHill XC Thermal Pants - Men
This cold weather pant has long been a favorite choice for skiers, snowshoers and runners. Offers cold weather protection, wicks moisture and is windproof up to 35mph. The classic tapered-leg fit is both fashionable and functional and features a non-roll elastic waistband with drawstring, two side seam zip pockets, 12-inch off-set ankle zippers and the classic front crease stitch. This pant has a slightly relaxed fit through the hips and thighs. Zone III temp rating. (0-40 deg. F) 

•   (85% polypropylene, 
    15% Lycra)
•   Two side seam zip pockets
•   12-inch offset ankle zippers
•   Non-roll elastic waistband 
    with drawstring
•   Classic front crease stitch
•   Flatlocked inseam

Windproof to 35 mph and breathable!


  • Item #: MST-XC-PANTS
  • Manufacturer: SportHill
  • Condition: New

SportHill XC Thermal Pants

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